Russell Flint

The artist Sir William Russell Flint (1880-1969) worked in oils, tempera, watercoulor, and printmaking, and was best known for his exotic and erotic female nudes. Born on 4 April 1880 in Edinburgh, the son of graphic designer Francis Wighton Flint (1850/51–1902), Flint studied at the Royal Institution School of Art, Edinburgh, and Hatherleys Art School. Flint apprenticed as a designer and lithographer for Banks & Co. between 1894 and 1900. He then worked as a medical illustrator for Messrs. Bale, Sons, and Danielsson. Flint moved into illustration work at The Illustrated London News in 1903, but his big breakthrough came when Cassell commissioned Flint to illustrate Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines. Flint enjoyed much acclaim during his lifetime. He was a Royal Academician, a member of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers, a silver medal winner at the 1913 Paris Salon, and for twenty years he served as president of the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours. Flint was knighted in 1947. Flint married fellow Hatherly’s student Sibyl Sueter (1874/5–1960) on 12 August 1905, and they had one son, artist Francis Russell Flint (1915-1977). During WWI Flint served in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve the RAF. Flint died in London on 27 December 1969.

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Illustrations by Russell Flint

Commencedwithcassell1907284 Commenced with slow and painful steps to struggle up the sloping sides of the great pit. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Cutoncassell1907241 Cut on one of these pillars we discovered the rude likeness of a mummy. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Didyoucassell190723 'Did you happen to meet a man called Neville there?'. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Eddyingherecassell1907167 Eddying here and there, coming forward, falling back. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907

Eyeglassesdocassell1907296 Eye-glasses do not go well with leopard-skin cloaks and black ostrich plumes.. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Foodtoocassell1907135 Food, too, was ready for us. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Foundcassell1907304 Found!. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Gagoolthecassell1907108 Gagool the wise and terrible woman. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907

Goodsprangcassell1907101 Good sprang up with a profane exclamation. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Greetingsthecassell1907177 'Greeting! …the Lion’s greeting to the jackals that snarl around his heels!'. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Growdarkcassell1907170 Grow dark O Moon! Withdraw thy light, thou pure and holy one!’. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907
Heconsentedcassell1907293 He consented to draw up his trousers to the knee. King Solomon's Mines. Revised Edition. 1907