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Illustrations by Unknown

Wailingterriblyspencerblackett199 Wailing terribly, she rushed down the gully. Allan's Wife. Allan's Wife and Other Tales, 1st UK Edition. 1889
Ayeshawindsormagazine617 We. Ayesha. The Windsor Magazine, vol. 21. April 1905
Whatcould144 What could it mean?. Mr. Meeson's Will. 1st UK Edition. 1888
Whathappenedspencerblackett200 What Happened to Stella. Allan's Wife. Allan's Wife and Other Tales, 1st UK Edition. 1889

Whatwasgriffith273 What was found in the pool.. Allan's Wife. Griffith, Farran, Okeden, and Welsh. 1889
Whatwasspencerblackett273 What Was Found in the Pool. A Tale of Three Lions. "A Tale of Three Lions" from Allan's Wife And Other Tales. 1889
Whentheworldshookcasselldustjacket When the World Shook. When the World Shook. 1st Edition Thus. 1933
Wisdomsdaughterdoubleday1923dustjacket Wisdom's Daughter. Wisdomʹs Daughter. 1st US Edition. 1923

Wisdomsdaughterhutchinson3rd Wisdom's Daughter. Wisdomʹs Daughter. 3rd Edition. c. 1923
Wisdom'sdaughterhutchinson1923dustjacket Wisdom's Daughter. Wisdomʹs Daughter. 89th Thousand. 1923
Wisdomsdaughterhutchinsonsmagazineapril1922dustjacket Wisdom's Daughter. Wisdomʹs Daughter. Hutchinson's Magazine, vol. 6, no. 34. April 1922
Yerigidladysrealm698 Ye rigid Ploughman! bear in mind Your labour is for future hours—R. H. Horne. Fair Margaret [Margaret]. The Lady's Realm, vol. 22. October 1907