Frank T. Merrill

The illustrator Frank Thayer Merrill was born in Boston on 14 December 1848. Merrill was educated at Boston Latin, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Lowell Institute. Merrill is perhaps best remembered today for illustrating Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women in 1880. He married Jessie S. Aldrich.

Further Reading

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Illustrations by Frank T. Merrill

Andliftedcupples232 And lifted the great curved knife, taking aim at the naked breast. The Yellow God. 1st US Edition. 1908
Onlytheircupples120 Only their chief, a great yellow-toothed fellow who wore a necklace of baboon claws, remained. The Yellow God. 1st US Edition. 1908
Thepriestessfrontispiece The priestess held her lamp before its face. The Yellow God. 1st US Edition. 1908