Cyrus Cuneo

Cyrus Cincinato Cuneo (1879-1916/17) was a boxer, illustrator, and painter. He was born in San Francisco, California, but spent much of his life travelling in France, Italy and Britain. In Paris he studied with Carlo Rossi and later James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Cuneo exhibited at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Royal Academy in 1914. Cuneo married artist Nellie (Nell) Marion Tenison in 1903 in London. They had one son, the painter Terence Tenison Cuneo (1907–1996). Cuneo completed a series of murals for the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1910. These were lost when the office burned. Cuneo died on 23 July 1916 of blood poisoning.

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Illustrations by Cyrus Cuneo

Andnowcqnewnes179 'And now go. I have done with you'. Colonel Quaritch V. C.. Reprint. 1905?
Bequietcqnewnes77 'Be quiet,' he said, 'or you are a dead woman'. Colonel Quaritch V. C.. Reprint. 1905?
Butsoraisaqnewnes175 But Sorais of the night lifted herself upon her hand, and for a moment fixed her glorious eyes intently on Curtis's face. Allan Quatermain. Reprint. 1906
Galazithegeorgenewnes201 Galazi the Wolf struggled to his knees, and for the last time shook the Watcher above his head. Nada the Lily. George Newnes. 1906

Helookedgeorgenewnes158 He looked at the girl in all her loveliness, and she looked at him in his fierceness and might. Nada the Lily. George Newnes. 1906
Hepulledcqnewnesfrontispiece He pulled out handful after handful of every sort of gold coin. Colonel Quaritch V. C.. Reprint. 1905?
Hesawcqnewnes124 He saw Edward Cossey put his uninjured hand to his head. Colonel Quaritch V. C.. Reprint. 1905?
Ithinkgeorgenewnes129 'I think also that the hate upon my face as I shook my withered hand before him was more fearful to him than the fear of death'. Nada the Lily. George Newnes. 1906

Justthenaqnewnes79 Just then, too, another, a very large one, got hold of Alphonse's leg. Allan Quatermain. Reprint. 1906
Maquedahaltingfrontispiece Maqueda, halting before some objects that glimmered whitely, held up her light, saying, 'Look!'. Queen Sheba's Ring. 1st Edition from Eveleigh Nash. 1910
Outtogethercqnewnes151 Out together, out with a yell of despair. Colonel Quaritch V. C.. Reprint. 1905?
Ruinedhecqnewnes45 'Ruined!' he said to himself. Colonel Quaritch V. C.. Reprint. 1905?